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Catch the bunny!


Easter’s come and gone…

Time is running away as quickly as an unleashed wild dog and we all follow it in a rush, breathless. We are trotting and treading in everyday life’s rhythm and we gather speed, hopping from one leg to the other, faster and faster each year, with rising determination.  We want to catch up, we want to grab and just have. To have, to hold and never let go!

If we could just seize happiness by its long ears and pull about its shaggy head! From now on it will be ours, ours only! We can keep a tight rein on it like we keep a slave and make it obedient, walking humbly at heel. We would like to make it love us, even though it would only be a wild animal’s love – nothing stronger or more meaningful than a basic instinct determined by the fact we fill its bowl with food each day.

Oh yes, to take control - that is what we love most! It is an obvious fact mentioned above that a little power, a bit of domination, is like a tickle to our vain minds. It caresses us and poisons like a dangerous drug. And once again we want more because we can never have enough of it! In every day haste, in our conviction about necessity of possessing, it is so hard to stop for even one moment. We cannot even be helped by the thought about the bunny’s abrupt, yet clever nature: the fact that unchased, it stops running away.  Would it not be better to act with a certain inner calm and a truly agreeable disposition - on a sunny day, with our belly full and our soul filled with happiness - just quit the chase and let go? As one amiable Dutchman of Polish descent, unfortunately a flutist and a gay, used to say:

„When something weighs you down - why not to let go of it?!”

To those hungry for clarification I could say:  of course it is not „unfortunately” because he is a flutist but definitely „unfortunately” because he is gay! I can swear that more than one woman, whether married or not, would be ready to give her soul to the Devil himself if only our Lord in heaven was willing to change His divine plan and the Dutchman’s – a talented bass flutist’s  - orientation.

However, we’re going off on a tangent; we should go back to the frisky bunny of ours. How wonderful it would be to achieve this calmness and everlasting reflection – for after all we can make time for it: a sweet nap at midday  just because we don’t „must” anything, a good book in the evening or an evening with a handsome stranger. A deep, life-giving breath and a chance to live just a simple daily life being fully aware of its passing nature. It’s like a king’s dream – so simple and so difficult to attain at the same time…

Perhaps there is a solution to our problem, one we cannot yet see. We can offer our hypothetic bunny a treat. Give it by hand and wait patiently until we gain its trust, until it comes closer and gives up its fluffy fur - not for a fur-collar of course but just for our pleasure of touching it! Do we really have to possess this furry creature to be able to truly enjoy its softness? There is still a chance in this text for an unequivocal and firm ‘NO’. If we follow this path we may stumble upon a conclusion on one of those sayings aspiring to be the wisdom of the nations, but in fact revealing their foolishness: it states that it is a hundredfold better to chase – isn’t open air exercise beneficial to your health? - than really to catch. To catch and to have, and have and have. Obsessed with possessing we’ll be bored to death!




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