Msze polskie w Hastings w PIERWSZA NIEDZIELE kazdego miesiaca o godzinie 18.30 w kosciele St Mary Star of the Sea na High Street w Hastings


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On Sunday December 6th Polish St Nicholas’s Day took place at the Polish Cafe-Restaurant HAK in Hastings.

We must admit that the popularity of the even took us by surprise and exceeded anyone’s expectations. 28 children were signed up for participation and they all came on that Sunday afternoon with their parents, sometimes also their friends, to see the Santa Claus.

Having taken part in a few games (pass the parcel, aiming with a rag frog and fishing with a pen) and received their prizes all kids started calling Santa who by that point still was not around.

Three times did they call him following which St Nick entered the room and took his special place in a rocking chair. He immediately apologised for being late and complained about his reindeers which by their carelessness lost all the presents on the way. For that reason he requested help from an elf named Anita, who aided Santa’s distribution of gifts to children.

According to Santa’s survey done on the spot with children, they were all behaving very well throughout the year. Unfortunately most did not feel like singing him a song or saying a poem or dance. All the more praise should go to such artists as Karinka and a few others whose names we do not know, who eagerly honoured  Santa with a song.

Santa was struggling with his broken glasses throughout the event. It was very hot at the restaurant where it was held and we hope that he reached the North Pole without catching a bad cold. We also hope he will visit us again next year.

Most children, as well as some parents took part in our lottery which was aimed at raising funds for similar events. We sold tickets to the amount of £33.00; more tickets were given away to children as prizes in various games and contests. £33.00 is for the time being the highest amount we managed to raise by means of a general collection at an event and we would like to thank everyone who took part in it as this money will help us organise similar events in the future.

The total cost of the event preparation was £157.05 including decorations, juice cartons and crisps for all children, lottery prizes, Santa Claus costume, cholcolates etc. The full proceeds from the ticket sale will go into our cash fund. The gifts for children were funded by their parents and family friends.

We would like to stress that the event would not have taken place without the support of Honorata who not only provided the facilities, but she also baked cookies for all guests. It would not have been a success without a huge amount of help we received from Joanna and her daughters Daria and Sandra who provided materials, decorations and what is most important, their time and ideas. We would also like to thank Madzia whose help at event organisation we enjoyed not for the first time.



Parents were asked to raise objections to our publishing of the photographs from the event. As we did not receive any, we published a few of them here

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